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Working Together to Improve Our Community

If elected, using my 23 years in the FBI, with experiences in investigations, crisis management, and my tenure on the North Branch council, my intent is to lead the NB council, police, fire and emergency departments in strengthening the safety and security of our community.


As a law enforcement leader with multiple organizations, I leveraged my visioning, communication, analysis and problem-solving skills to empower my teams to achieve maximum success. My goal is for the City of North Branch to become a healthy, positive and successful city unit with all involved taking ownership of the vision and trust in the leadership.

Fiscal Responsibility

My leadership decisions are based on sound business models and sustainability. It is vital that the annual budget aligns to an annual plan with a strategy for building reserves to achieve a surplus. My financial management style includes the collecting of financial data, production of financial reports and solution of short-term financial issues.

Business Initiatives

I am a highly motivated manager with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships, strategic planning and organization. While in the FBI, I had the privilege of implementing several initiatives that generated innovative processes to enhance results. I look forward to leading North Branch into an era of cooperation and business growth.

Reason for Running

For the past 35 years I have been a devoted public servant, for example. 10 years in the U.S. Army, followed by 23 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, all of which have been very rewarding and humbling to serve my country and to protect our National Security. Today, I am working in “facility security” for a major insurance company, but I still have a passion and drive to serve my country/community. With that, I want to share my knowledge and experience with the Citizens of North Branch.

I have fours reasons in running for mayor of the City of North Branch:

  1. I want to work with the community to maintain and manage the basic services such as police, fire and public services for the citizens of North Branch, be it for residential, commercial, or farming needs. I want to help strengthen our Public Safety, Fire and Emergency Management Services.
  2. The City of North Branch has a large outstanding debt that needs to be addressed, managed and eventually paid off. A payment plan is currently in place, but I am afraid there may be a tendency to add more debt to the City without further growth and that is not acceptable for the citizens of North Branch. I want to help strengthen our financial position as a community so that we can provide the capital improvements we need and improve our other Public Services.
  3. I want to improve the balance between the rural and urban relationships, which would include communicating and understanding the needs of both.
  4. To listen to and understand the needs of the County and School District in cooperation with the City. North Branch needs to advance planning, structure and activity to balance the needs of all three. Thus, reducing the burden of our tax payers be it residential, commercial, farming and industry and yet seeing that each role and level of government can provide it’s proper services.

I am aware in the past few years important matters have been addressed by the City; two of which are the Superior Silica Sand Project and contracting with the Police Department. Any project first and foremost needs to be environmentally sound and safe for our Citizens of North Branch. The sand project has an environmental, potential health and traffic safety issues. I am against the project.

Regarding the North Branch Police Department, I want to strengthen the department with the needed resources. And contracting out this service IS NOT the correct answer or remedy to help the safety or the budget of the city. During my 23 year career with the FBI, I have partnered with numerous local police departments and I am here to tell you that having your own city police department is the remedy to control crime. This takes men and women in blue uniform and resources to support their mission and to make our Community Safe for Our Families, Friends, Associates and Businesses.

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Or you may email me at Bob@Canada4NorthBranchMayor.com.


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